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  1. edward.dod says:

    My name is Ed Dodson and I’m in the first year of a DPhil at Univ. My supervisor is Professor Elleke Boehmer (Wolfson) and my current thesis title is ‘Postimperial British Fiction: the Contested Literary Legacy of a Lost Empire, from Melancholia to Neoimperialism’. In this project I will be asking, across a range of novels written after 1979: what kind of relationship to the imperial past is strategically useful for novelists concerned with Britain’s contemporary identity?

    My research is thus primarily focused on contemporary British literature, culture, history and politics, as well as postcolonial studies. Alongside these, I am interested in many aspects of 20th/21st century culture: aesthetic theory, Marxism, modernism, postmodernism, architecture, cinema and the visual arts.

    Before coming to Oxford I studied at the University of Leeds, McGill University, and King’s College London.

    If anyone is interested in discussing similar ideas then feel free to message me.

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