Style Guide


Beginning with Issue 3 (Winter 2016), ORE has adopted a new style guide and referencing system. Notably, ORE will no longer use MLA parenthetical citations. Any new submissions should reference the MHRA Style Guide. However, formatting has also seen several subtle changes, so it is advisable to review the ORE Style Guide in its entirety

The ORE Style Guide is also available for download as a PDF.


  • Times New Roman 12, double-spaced.
  • Number pages in the upper right hand corner (in the header).
  • Paragraphs should be indented left, except for those immediately following a new heading.


  • The paper title should be bold, size 18 (capitalize only the first word and proper nouns).
  • Titles of other works within a title should be italicized or placed with in quotations marks.
  • Books and longer works should be italicized; shorter works, poems, essays, and other smaller pieces should be placed within double quotation marks.
    • Ex. Madame Bovary, “The Red Wheelbarrow”, “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”
  • Titles of non-English works which might not use headline-style capitalization should follow the style of the book/article being cited.



  • Use double quotation marks to set off quotes from works.
  • Quotations longer than 40 words of prose or covering more than two lines of poetry should be set off in single spacing, indented 1 in., in size 11 font.
  • Always include an accompanying translation for quotations from a foreign language. Cite the original in the main text, and footnote the translation.

Numbers and Dates

  • Spell out 1–10.
  • Numbered lists should be numbered (1)-(10), etc.
  • Spell out century numbers.
    • E.g., “sixteenth century,” NOT “16th century.”
  • Elide numbers 101–99, 201–99, etc. but not 1–100.
    • Ex. pages 54–58, pages 154–58, pages 100–125, pages 101–09
    • When eliding numbers, always include at least the final two digits.

Captions and Illustrations

  • If the paper includes illustrations, please contact us to discuss any potential issues with copyright.
  • Illustrations should be placed at the end of the text and referred to in the text parenthetically as (Figure 1), (Figure 2), etc.
  • Each illustration should be labeled as: Figure X: Artist, author, Title of work, date. Place where work is housed.
  • Captions for figures and titles for tables should be left-indented.
    • Only the first letter of a caption or a table title should be capitalized.