EGO Committee

The EGO committee represents Oxford English graduate student views to the faculty, sitting in on meetings like the Faculty Board and the Library committee. We also run regular socials (such as our popular weekly lunches). Whether you’re already at Oxford or just thinking of applying, have a look around and feel free to email any of the committee members with questions, or suggestions about what we can do to improve your life as a grad student.

President: Alison Moulds

Alison Moulds
Alison is a second-year DPhil student at St. Anne’s College looking at constructions of the doctor/patient relationship in nineteenth-century medical writing and fiction.

As President, she represents English graduate students both within the Faculty as well as more broadly in the Humanities Division. She also co-ordinates the activities of the EGO committee. She is more than happy to discuss any questions, concerns or ideas you have about your studies or graduate life more generally.


Welfare and Mentoring Officer: Alexis Brown

Communications Officer: Jennifer Hurd

Jennifer is a second-year DPhil student at Exeter College, working on women’s voices in Old Norse-Icelandic poetry. As Communications Officer, she tries to keep graduates up to speed with events, CFPs and EGO events via the website, Facebook page and Twitter. If you know of any news which you think English graduates would find interesting, please get in touch and Jennifer will be delighted to circulate it!

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Library Representative: Andrew Dean

Andrew Dean is a 3rd year DPhil working on post-second world war metafiction. He is EGO’s Library Officer, representing student interests on all matters related to libraries. If you have any library-related questions or concerns, Andrew will be more than happy to hear them.

Social Secretaries: Molly Dyas and Thomas Kittel

If there are any EGO social events you’d like to see, we’d love to hear your ideas!


MSt Representatives:

MSt 650-1550: William Brockbank
Will, from Pembroke College, is the MSt representative for the 650-1550 strand.

After having completed his master’s in French and Russian at the University of Manchester and taken a year out to reassess his academic career, Will found himself following in his childhood hero’s (i.e. Tolkien’s) footsteps, by getting the chance to study Old English and Old Norse language, literature and philology at the Professor’s own college of twenty years. His interests include heroic Germanic legends, runology, and historical linguistics.

If you have any concerns, however big or small, Will will be more than happy to hear what you have to say!

MSt 1550-1700: Bailey Sincox

Bailey Sincox is a candidate for the MSt in English 1550-1700. Hailing from Houston, Texas by way of Duke University in North Carolina, she focuses on Elizabethan and Jacobean drama. Her interests span dramatic history, performance, gender theory, and religion. Bailey survives on the Missing Bean’s flat whites and is an enthusiast of the under-appreciated Canadian folk band The Be Good Tanyas.

MSt 1830-1914: Hannah Greenstreet

Hannah is reading for the MSt in English 1830-1914 at Jesus College. Her academic interests include Victorian novels, as well as drama (Victorian, 20th century and contemporary). In her spare time, she writes plays. Feel free to contact her with questions/ comments about the strand!

MSt English Language: Mandy Pipher

Mandy comes to Oxford (which she thinks of as International Brain Camp) from Toronto, Canada, where her lifelong fascination with etymology finally lured her away from a job in local politics and towards a career studying the tangled meanderings of the English language.  Her research interests include the historical development of English, and the effect of current digital technologies on the boundaries between speech and writing, as well as on the interaction of text and symbol.  
She is at Harris Manchester College, which is excellent, and would be most pleased to take any concerns or questions about the English Language MSt, or Oxford graduate life in general.