The English Graduates at Oxford (EGO) Research Network has been created to foster collaboration and conversation amongst English Graduates at Oxford, the wider Oxford community and even further afield. This website is both a public and online presence for the graduate community. The new EGO website combines research profiles for all Oxford English graduate students with the facility for students to post information about upcoming events, calls for papers, and to announce their publications.

Ultimately, this page is a space for the graduate students to advertise themselves and their work, allowing for greater networking not only across disciplines, but also across subjects and faculties. This is part of a wider spirit of greater communication within the Humanities Division, and it will soon be possible for students to connect, or be connected, with other people working in similar subject areas in different faculties. For example, History graduates have already set up a successful network (OHGN), and other Humanities Division faculties are following suit.

The site is maintained by the EGO Committee. If you have any questions about the website, the research network, or the EGO community generally, please feel free to get in touch.